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William A. Gerhardt Property Improvement has steadily progressed since its beginnings in the backyard of the Gerhardt home 20+ years ago.  The business has evolved into a year round premier full service landscaping company with a long/short haul trucking division.  We have the experience, personnel and equipment to design, plan and complete any size landscape project.  We are certified by the Nova Scotia Construction Safety Association and are in good standing with the Workers Compensation Board of Nova Scotia. There is an up to date safety system and policy in place with regular training for our staff.   The staff volunteer their time to community events and participate in company sponsored charity fundraising activities.

Our experienced long-haul drivers travel throughout Canada and the US, their freight includes seafood, lumber, machinery, furniture and Christmas trees. The Christmas trees hail from our own natural tree stand.  We sell and deliver trees to both local individual customers and New England retailers.

 Our services are delivered by a full time courteous staff that is well trained in various landscaping techniques and knowledge. Our motto is no job is too big or too small” and we aim to please and exceed our customers expectations.

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